American Legion Post 29 Greenwood, Mississippi
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American   Legion   Post   29,   chartered   in   1919,   continues   to   welcome   VETERANS   of   all   Armed   Forces branches   and   current   Active   Duty   Military   Personnel.   You   will   continue   serving   GOD,   COUNTRY   and your   COMMUNITY   when   you   join   Post   29.   Our   goal   is   to   fulfill   the   aspirations,   dreams,   peace   and God’s blessings for our country, families and friends.


American    Legion    Post    29    meets    at    5:30    pm,    the    first    Monday    of    every    month.        J oin    us    for informative,   entertaining   programs,   great   meals   and   fellowship   with   fellow   VETERANS.   Post   29   takes great pride in keeping members up-to-date concerning Veteran's Affairs and Benefits.


American Legion Post 29 dedicates hundreds of hours of Patriotic leadership and services to the

citizens of the City of Greenwood and Leflore County. Participating in community holiday festivities,

school programs and our Honor Guard and Firing Squad are called upon by funeral homes and

numerous families to present Military Funeral Honors for deceased VETERANS.

Keesler-Hamrick-Gillespie Ladies   Auxiliary   is   active   in   the   affairs   of   Post   29   in   a   very   positive   manner.   As   hostesses   for   Post   29 public activities and serving great meals for monthly meetings, they provide important services.

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                     FOR GOD AND COUNTRY


Meeting 1st Monday of each month.